My shamelessly politically incorrect collection of slang terms for "drunk."

All terms are taken as-is, so be forewarned that a few of these terms contain harsh language or slurs.  (I have, however, rendered many of them gender-neutral.)  If I could dig up some interesting background on a certain term, I included that as well - for example, an explanation of the term's origin, where it is (or was) used most, a discussion of and links to related terms, and the like.  Drink deeply and well - but please do so responsibly!

I have just started adding trivia about beer, wine and other alcohol. Soon I hope to add a list of interesting alcohol-related web sites.

If you know of a term or a quote that isn't here, please let me know via cyberkedi "apiece" hotmail period com. If you are submitting a term, please provide any background about it, if known. Thanks!

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